The Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame

The Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization originated by Paul T. Crane, who along with its board members on May 20th of 2017 at Crane’s Snowmobile Museum, began to recognize our first generation eastern snowmobile racers. Those original “Warriors of Winter,” the ones who started it all.

The first chapter of the history of snowmobile racing was written right here in Lancaster, New Hampshire, the town that introduced the revolutionary Bombardier Ski-doo to America in December of 1959. 

It was here, that the very first organized race was held in February of 1962! The Lancaster Grand Prix, with it’s famous Kilkenny Cup, was considered the biggest, most prestigious in eastern racing during the golden era!

A more fitting town could not be considered for an eastern snowmobile hall of fame than Lancaster, nor a better place within which to house it than Paul T. Crane’s museum.

The Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame with Bruce Dunham’s 1972 Ski-doo Blizzard race sled.

2018 Inductees to The Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame: 

On a drizzly but warm Saturday afternoon, May 19th, Crane’s Snowmobile Museum held the second induction ceremony of the “Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame,” along with our first “Vintage Race Sled Show.” Five more of our top, first generation eastern snowmobile pioneers were recognized for their racing talents, back during the golden age of eastern snowmobile racing of the 1960’s and 70’s.     

The 2018 Inductees: Bruce Beaurivage; Lewis Lunn; Calvin Reynolds; Edward Stabb; Kenneth Young.

L to R: Lewis Lunn, (Racer) from Pepperell, MA; Ed Stabb, (Promoter) from Boonville, NY;
Bruce Beaurivage, (Racer) from Pittsburg, NH; Ken Young, (Racer) from Skaneateles, NY. (His Son, Dirk Young accepted the award in his place). Cal Reynolds, (Racer) from Gorham, ME.

Meet the 2018 Inductees:

1975 Kilkenny Cup winner Bruce Beaurivage formerly of Pittsburg, NH., went three years straight taking no less than a first, second or third in any race he entered! Bruce won first place in the 295 stock class and took fourth in 340 stock at the 1973 “Snowmobile World Series” at Malone, NY!

Lewis Lunn from Pepperell MA., was the very first snowmobile racer in history to test drive an independent front suspension equipped snowmobile, when he was brought on as the test pilot for racing legend and chief designer of the 1972 IFS Chaparral racer, Bobby Unser! Lewis then went on to take first place in both Mod IV and Mod V at Bangor in 1972, on the Mod IV IFS Chaparral he helped develop!

Legendary racer, Calvin Reynolds from Gorham ME., with his dealership team, “Reynolds Raiders” had set the standard by competing on such impeccably prepared sleds, it helped to elevate New England snowmobile racing to a higher level! Cal was once voted, “Best driver” and Best Sportsman,” both in the same year!

When life long promoter and snowmobile collector Ed Stabb was 12 years old, he begged the owner of his hometown Ski-doo dealer in Boonville, NY., to please let him work on the new machines. So convincing was young Stabb, the owner allowed him to help their mechanic. Ed’s entire adult life when he’s not building houses, is dedicated to all things snowmobile! From promoting countless racing events and vintage shows, to antique sled restorations, Ed has set the bar high for himself, but he accepted this honor, only if shared with his many friends, those unsung heroes who help behind the scenes. 

Ken Young completely dominated New York snowmobile racing between 1969 and 1974! He began racing at 35, an age when most drivers consider retirement. Ken raced to ten straight first place victories in 1972, putting himself in sole possession of the the coveted # 1 bib in eastern racing! He also won two first place trophies at two different “World Series” events, racing Arctic Cats for the famous, “Widow Makers” team!

New Hampshire State Senator, Jeff Woodburn stopped by at the 2018 Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame induction ceremony, to congratulate Ed “Midge” Rosebrook and Museum  owner/curator Paul Crane on their new endeavor.
Jeff by the way, put his weekends on hold during the winter of 2010 by doing the interviews for the film, “A Town, A Race, The Birthplace of Modern Snowmobiling”,  which debuted at the Realto Theater, kicking off Grand Prix week for the upcoming running of the iconic event’s 50th reunion in 2014!

2017 Inductees to The Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame

The 2017 inductees: Bob Clark, (Promoter) from Barre, VT. – Bruce Dunham, (Racer) from Avon, ME., – Bob Martin, (Racer) from Lancaster, NH., – Conrad Rollins (Racer) from Abbot, ME.

2019 Induction Ceremony will be Saturday, May 11th, of 2019