The Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame

The Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization originated by Paul T. Crane, who along with its board members on May 20th of 2017 at Crane’s Snowmobile Museum, began to recognize our first generation eastern snowmobile racers. Those original “Warriors of Winter,” the ones who started it all.

The first chapter of the history of snowmobile racing was written right here in Lancaster, New Hampshire, the town that introduced the revolutionary Bombardier Ski-doo to America in December of 1959. It was here, that the very first organized race was held in February of 1962! The Lancaster Grand Prix, with it’s famous Kilkenny Cup, was considered the biggest, most prestigious in eastern racing during the golden era!

A more fitting town could not be considered for an eastern snowmobile hall of fame than Lancaster, nor a better place within which to house it than Paul T. Crane’s museum.

2017 Inductees to The Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame

The 2017 inductees: Bob Clark, (Promoter) from Barre, VT. – Bruce Dunham, (Racer) from Avon, ME., – Bob Martin, (Racer) from Lancaster, NH., – Conrad Rollins (Racer) from Abbot, ME.

The 2018 Eastern Snowmobile Racing Hall of Fame
May 19, 2018  – 1:30 pm

Our 2018 inductees are:

Bruce Beaurivage, (Racer) from Manchester, NH









Lewis Lunn, (Racer) from Pepperall, MA









Calvin Reynolds, (Racer)  from Gorham, ME







Edward Stabb, (Promoter) from Boonville, NY

Edward Stabb (Promoter) from Boonville, NY